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love the new theme tbh so so good, adore the background


so im trying to do a deltasim push-back style for newsea nightwish but im having a problems here w the smoothing groups (as per usual)

ive manage to redo all the smoothing groups to get rid of those blotches you see in the photo, however, when i export the mesh and import it back into milkshape, it goes straight back to this state and its v stressful i just need a away to get around this


A Random Selection of Default Recolors: Subtley Shifted Flowers

As I labor along trying to finish all the various elaborate plant-creations I was silly enough to start, I often (almost always) forget to keep it simple.  It doesn’t take much to change the look of this game.  My eyes burn with the original plant colors.  Intolerable.  So, I fixed some of them.  I could wait until I’d recolored ALL the base game and EP plants before I shared it, but, darn it, that might never happen.  

Here is a small selection of Base Game and EP flowers DEFAULT replacements.  These are just gently recolored to be a bit softer and slightly muted and a bit more vintage-ish looking.  For those of you who like that kind of thing (I do).  The colors are all similar to their original colors, and so they will not clash with any of your existing color schemes.   

More to come, soon, I promise!  I believe the only one here that isn’t base game is the white hydrangea (ambitions), but, honestly, it doesn’t really matter because if you don’t have the EP it won’t do anything for you.  They are all in one package.  Feel free to open it up in S3PE and delete what you don’t want!

Please use these however you like!  No TOU (but credits do help us keep our content straight).

Plants included: Agapanthus, Sunflower, White Daisies, Dandelion, Marigolds, Wild Roses, Red Wild Roses, White Hydrangea, Purple Hydrangea, Dianthus

download the package file: dropbox  mediafire