If you post stuff on the internet…for the public…it’s out of your control as to what happens to it.

If you are angered by the fact that someone edits your CC to the point that you are willing to leave, bye. There will be new CC creators that can mesh/create/retexture,etc. 100% better.

You can’t possibly think that you are able to know everyone who edited your CC, right?

The pretentiousness of this site makes me sick.


Yasss wherr have u been all my life



Cazy’s Leah hair retextured!

Download here.

  • for children thru elders.
  • adjust-shine control
  • cloned, so it won’t conflict with any other re-texture or with the original.
  • I kept cazy’s roots/tips as they were, because AWESOME.
  • custom thumbnail.
  • in the hat section.


  • Cazy for the awesome mesh
  • texture is an edited version of this one.
  • aWT for the adjust shine action.
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Hey guys XD
Sintikila managed to extract S4 head and skins so I decided to have some fun with it XD
I created eye replacement, blush, lipstick, eyeshadow, eyebrows and added one of my S3 hair meshes just to see how will it look XD
Once I get the Demo I’ll try to add everything to it well except the hair we still haven figured out how to replace meshes XD

I will totally consider doing makeup skins and all that stuff now couse UV’s are great they are similar to S2 ones so what you see is what you get so after a long time we will have normal looking eyebrows again ahahhahaha

Any thoughts????